Bykay Baby Sling Woven Wrap Deluxe Jeans Blue



ByKay baby sling Woven Wrap Deluxe

The Woven Wrap Deluxe ByKayis an ergonomic woven sling which you tie yourself and in which you can carry your baby or toddler on belly, hip or back. This baby carrier can be tied directly with your newborn and can be used up to 23 kilos, so you can also carry your toddler ergonomically and comfortably! The woven fabric of this Woven Wrap provides an ideal weight distribution, and the baby carrier is a perfectly tailored, comfortable sling for everyone after knotting. Use it as a hammock, in the playpen or in the garden, your baby will love it!

Color: jeans blue
Material: cotton, linen
Age: from 0 to 5 years old
Capacity: up to 23 kg
Carrying position: belly, hip, back
Size: 6
Length: 4.7 meters
Width: 70 cm