Gamberritos Baby Clothes Set Teddy Bear Grey/White 5-Piece




Gamberritos baby clothes set

Your little one will have to face the cold in the winter, so it is important to dress him or her warmly. Babies lose a lot of warmth because they don’t move around much and use a lot of energy to grow. A baby hat, baby clothes and baby mittens will keep your child nice and warm. While eating you can use the included bib that matches the other accessories perfectly!

Colour: grey, white
Gender: junior
Material: cotton
Length of shirt: 22 cm
Shirt width: 20 cm
Width shirt from shoulder to shoulder: 16 cm
Sleeve length shirt: 17 cm
Sleeve width shirt: 6 cm
Length of trousers: 29 cm
Width trousers at hip height: 17 cm

1 Bib
1 Baby hat
1 Baby shirt
1 Baby pants
2 Baby mittens

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