Saro Electric Breast Pump With Bottle 150 Ml



Saro electric breast pump

This breast pump Saroprovides comfortable flasks. The silicone flask is soft to the breast and adapts perfectly. It simulates the baby’s natural suction power. The anti-reflux system guarantees the highest quality and hygiene of the milk
The flask has five levels of intensity to adapt to the needs of each woman. The unit is operated via a digital display. The pause function allows you to stop aspiration at any time and continue it later at the level at which it was paused. This device is free of bisphenol A and complies with EN-14350

Gender: unisex
Colour: green
Device size: 19 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm
Material: plastic, silicone

1 Breast flask with bottle 150 ml
1 Soother
1 Cap
1 Adapter